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Masted Technologies was founded in August 2003 after a year of working with various suppliers. We seeked out the expertise that allowed us to begin our operations in 2004.

Our Company specializes in the PMB (PLASTIC MEDIA BLASTING) paint stripping method, in chemical stripping as well as cleaning and saturation using the GLASS BEAD method. Our facilities include a 45' x 14' x 12' stripping booth which gives us the advantage of being able to accomodate large parts.

Masted Technologies provides its customers with competitive prices and uncommmon service; our work is carried out according to the specifications of our clients and the certificates of conformity that we issue reflect our concern for quality.

Plastic Media Blasting gently removes paint and other coatings from sheet steel, aluminium, magnesium, plastics and Fiberglas band high tech composites without etching, pitting or warping the underlying surface


Plastic media stripping was developed for the special requirements of aircraft repainting because of the size of the product, the effects of chemical strippers on non-metallic substrates and the environment. The plastic media, which is harder than the coating to be removed, is propelled by a stream of compressed air at pressures from 15-45 psi. The choices of media hardness, particle size, composition, nozzle shape, angle of attack and air pressure are dictated by the coating type. It is even possible to remove coatings one layer at a time. The advantage of plastic media stripping is less damage to the substrate.

Constant demand for higher quality and the popularity of "just in time" manufacturing techniques have increased pressure to correct defective parts immediately. A part may fail quality standards because of inadequate surface preparation, poor coating application or damage caused by mishandling. Improper welds and misaligned stamped holes may also necessitate part stripping. As traditional chemical methods of stripping lose favour because of economic and environmental factors, plastic media blasting (PMB) becomes an alternative.